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Solvoapp is here – No More Compromised Inventory & Fixed Asset Management

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Today, we are excited to announce that our cloud-based fixed asset management solution is ready to launch! The Solvoapp software offers our customers an easy-to-use fixed asset management tool, that helps companies manage their existing equipment as well as the new assets investments.

This cloud-based software solution supports QR and NFC technologies and it can be accessed through the computer, tablet or mobile phone. It supports companies with inventory management and offers the opportunity to share and borrow equipment with other users, increasing the utilization rate of the equipment and reducing the investment costs on new equipment.

The typical use cases for the Solvoapp solution exists in companies that own a large quantity of different type of equipment and tools. Typically these companies operate in the following business areas:

· technology industries (electronics industry, automotive industry, health technology)

· product development and production facilities

· business campuses, in which different companies want to share equipment

Solvoapp solves four problem areas in fixed asset management processes:

· the companies knows which assets they own and where these are located

· necessary information about the users of the fixed assets

· improved utilization rate of the fixed assets

· no more unnecessary investments on fixed assets



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