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How it all got started – The Solvomate Story

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Solvomate was founded in 2017 after the founder, Marko Tyynelä had recognized that companies often have unclear or even non-existing fixed asset management processes. Throughout his corporate career, he noticed that the amount of equipment owned by corporations was huge, but at the same time nobody knew what equipment already existed, where these were located and who was using them.

The fixed assets weren’t properly managed and as a consequence they went missing or were damaged without anyone even noticing until these were needed. This then lead to unnecessary investments and delays in projects. There existed a lack of discipline to follow processes and methods that would enable sharing of equipment from one unit to another.

After experiencing these challenges with fixed asset management processes, Marko decided to establish Solvomate that provides fixed asset management services for companies struggling with their equipment processes and tools.

There are several existing companies offering fixed asset management tools, but unlike others we offer a comprehensive service that aims to solve the earlier mentioned challenges relating to fixed asset management. We provide this service by first making an overview of the company’s existing fixed asset processes and suggest necessary changes and improvements. After the process is in place we offer an easy-to-use, cloud-based fixed asset management software that the company can use to manage its’ equipment and tools without any hassle. Throughout this process we support the company in taking the software into use and offer inventory services to help in getting their fixed asset register up-to-date.

The business idea behind Solvomate was accelerated during a six-month long business accelerator program organized by Microsoft and Accelerando. During the winter 2018 we began validating and testing the service through a pilot case with the City of Salo. Throughout the Spring and Summer we have been developing our fixed asset management software, continuously making small iterations and improvements to it.



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